Friday, 4 September 2015

The Best and worst of Windows 10 updates so far!

Since July, 2015 Microsoft viewers were excited after hearing about the windows 10 release and its features. People anticipated  it to be an impressive progress over windows 8 – which is good for tablets and touch screen devices. And yes off course it has met the user’s expectations and   indeed Windows 10 is far better than its previous versions.

Windows 10 offers lot of new features and usability enhancements which could not be seen earlier, Microsoft took its ample time to launch  Windows 10  and yes it has successfully come up with one of the best versions of windows yet.
And the best thing for the common user  is that the Start menu is back with windows 10 and it can be easily upgraded at free of cost. – But things do not always go smoothly, some users of windows 10 are reporting issues like glitches, and hardware errors while its installation and update process. 
Here are some pros and cons when upgrading to Windows 10 –

It’s free for all – Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 is free for all. Users can easily upgrade if they have a valid licence of windows 7 or Windows 8. 

The Start menu is back with better functionality – One of the most useful tool Start menu is back with Windows 10, letting users to access files, apps and many other features easily. Few welcome changes are add-on to it like it is sleeker and also has optional transparent aero look which is customiable with different range of colors. Start Menu pop up is adjacent to live tiles.

Image Source : Microsoftstore

Cortana, Digital personal assistant – It is an intelligent digital assistant tool that works on both voice command and text input. Also, it automatically presents you all the relevant information as per your search. Such as, if you start typing the name of place, Cortana will automatically give you information about its distance, direction, travel time and more.

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Less space for storage and better restoring facility – Microsoft reveals that Windows 10 system files are compressed in such a way that the quality and performance is maintained without wasting storage space. It saved 1.5 GB and 2.6 GB for Windows 10 32 bit and Windows 10 64 bit respectively.

Microsoft Edge: new web browser – For an instance, if we study and compare Microsoft edge with Internet Explorer then it is improved largely. It loads pages easily and quickly with the help of modern web standards. It allows you to directly highlight paragraphs and mark or note on web pages for future reference and the same you can share with others.

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Interconnected OS between Desktop and Mobile – Windows 10 allows you to access everything on your phone which you left incomplete on your Windows PC and vice versa. It means OS is directly interconnected between your PCs, tablets and Phone.

Multiple Virtual Desktops - Windows 10 supports multiple “virtual” desktops. The virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 is called “Task View”. It means you can add multiple desktops on your single desktop with the help of “Add a desktop button”.

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There are many other new things introduced on windows 10 which are really amazing
Look and Feel of OS
Universal apps
Windows snapping

Cons -
No Preinstalled Games – No more preinstalled games now. Say good bye to all previous games -Hearts, Minesweeper or Solitaire. To enjoy all these games for free in Windows 10 you can download it from window store after spending 30 seconds of yours on ads.

No Media centre – One of the major disadvantage of Windows 10 is it has no windows media centre. Microsoft has revealed that it would be discontinuing media. Anyone who is upgrading their PC from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 will lose the Media Centre functionality automatically.

No touch friendly Feature – Various touch friendly features are missing from Windows 10, such as apps cannot be closed by swiping from top to bottom.

Bugs are detected – In most versions of software, bugs are detected and hence, it is suggested to wait while going for up gradation to  Windows 10 until the bugs have been resolved.

Update Stranger’s system by using your PC’s bandwidth – Yes, its true windows 10 may use your PC’s bandwidth to update the strangers system and you won’t even realize it. And this happens due to a feature called Windows Update Delivery Optimization. But you can stop from stealing by following the simple steps mentioned here -

Compulsory Windows Updates – Mandatory Windows Updates can be annoying for you. With the free upgrade you don’t have option to choose the apps that suit your need and save space. This option is only available in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise edition.

So, these are some benefits and drawbacks of Windows 10. But this is to make sure that free up gradation to Windows 10 for now seems fascinating enough, but there is no certainty in it, anytime Microsoft may ask you to buy license version to avoid any interruption, especially for the enterprise users.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Significant Tips for App Store Optimization to Increase its Visibility

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It’s no wonder for those who use smartphones that mobile applications and its development are flooding in market every day, as it is an era of smartphones. Where, every now and then a new app is added to app stores whether it is Google play store or iTunes.  With the clutter of new apps being introduced daily in market it is required to properly optimize the apps to rank them higher, for better page listing and categorization.

The properly optimized app means higher visibility on app stores, higher downloads which automatically increase subscribers, maximises buyers, sales and shares of your business.
But the question comes here is how to optimize the apps to gain the above KPI for the successful business.

So, below some significant tips are there to answer all of your queries that can improve chances of getting your app discovered and hence increase its download. The bottom line for ASO is same as great SEO tactics. This means whole story should circulate around keywords or content relevancy. So your app's Metadata, Descriptions, headlines and titles all should   be rich with keywords that people most likely use while searching for your app.

Let’s start app store optimization by breaking down the various important components into 2 categories: On Page & Off Page Optimization
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On Page Optimization 

App Icon or logo – The first thing what users will notice is the icon you upload while scrawling the search result. Hence the logo should be iconic and eye-catching. It should give users more than an idea about the app. For example you can provide cool 3d effect which will give more impact on users.

App Name & Categorization - The App name should be remarkable, influencing and catchy. It should also include the keyword. Also, choose the best possible category for your app not only relevant but also based on level of competition and generated revenue. It will influence more users and visits to your app and hence improve your app ranking. For iTunes, Apple has introduce subcategories which helps higher app ranking.

Meta Tags – We need to properly optimize Meta data of your apps, as mentioned earlier as whole thing revolves around keywords, so do brief analysis and brain storming before choosing keywords. The keywords should be highly relevant and the ones with highest search traffic volume. So you need to know which keywords are more often used by your target audience. And in the same way prepare catchy and informative title and description which must contain your keywords. Also you can regularly optimize your Meta as per the need.

Update App Snapshot – Google play and the iTunes store allow up to 5 to 6 screenshots. So the best use of screenshot is to attract more and more people and also for detailing key interaction points of app, hence this the best way of interacting with the audience and better serve your app to them.

App Rating & Reviews – Try to get higher rating and reviews from the customers who have downloaded your apps. Because higher rating and reviews help an app to rank higher on the app store.

Off Page Optimization
Use outside source for optimization – Not only on app store, but you should use outside sources to optimize your Apps. External references for your app listing page increase the possibility to rank higher in app store. Hence, 

- Keep posting on social media about the App features and app listing URL. 
- Write blogs and mention name of the app and app listing URL wherever it is suitable. Not only blogs but use other content syndication platforms as well i.e. articles for spreading information about your App.
- Add App URL at the brand website and at all the social media profiles if possible.
- If it is relevant,  mention the name of your app in press release
- Share app listing URL with internal resources and encourage them to share within their community as well.

Nice video to explore for App Store Optimization -

So all the above activities will increase total number of external references and drive traffic towards your app listing URL.

In the present technology world, a great app can help a brand to grow or serve as a money-making source in itself. All you need is experience mobile application development company and proper optimization of your Mobile Application. Hope above mentioned tips will help you lay the groundwork for optimization of your App.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Emerging Technology changing the Future Workplace

As the result of advanced and upcoming technology the work culture and future workplace is significantly changed. Evolution of technology continued to gain momentum year by year. Every other week we see there has been new technological invention & this trend to be continued in the future also.
Here are some key trends driving the evolution of work practices and every developing enterprise and entrepreneur should adopt these practices to manage their business in the high tech world.

Future is no more a physical place
Currently world hot-desking and remote conferencing have become the best practices. Video calling and collaboration become the most preferred business cloud tools now. It is very easy to conduct ad- hoc meeting anytime, anywhere globally. Moreover, with the use of VR Technology people can feel realistic conference experience in virtual conference room, it is so real where the attendees feel pseudo-face-to-face meeting. It became very natural way of interaction with each other without moving from one place to other.

Things are becoming more digital
As we are very much aware, we are living in more of digital world at present. Physical and digital world are connecting in a very interesting way. Undoubtedly physical spaces, services and assets will retain its importance but business will be directed digitally. Through a very important source it is declared that by the end of 2017 Most of the business content will be non-textual.

Wearable Technology
The most emerging technology of present time. A time will come when employees will bring their own smart watch, eye wears and iBangles for work. The wearable device will keep aside the regular phones and laptops. It seems difficult to imagine but in no time situation will be changed same as, 10 years back how differently we managed our life. We were using very basic phones for call but today via our Smartphone things become so simple like texting, sending emails & sharing documents can be performed in a minute from anywhere anytime.
Hence, Very soon employees and business folks will use these wearable gadgets to reply for the mail or sending some documents as easily as they do with smartphones and laptops, in fact many enterprises have started creating more wearable and mobile device apps.

Flexible Display

Flexible screen or display is another evolving technology for business and IT Industry. It may eliminate the need to carry big laptops, tablets or paper notes of presentation with you for any conference or meeting. With the use of cloud technology or wireless technology documents or presentations could be easily shared among all the attendees on their flexible screen.

Hence the above mentioned technology is driving and will drive radical change in the workplace. The upcoming technology list will also include 3d Gesture, augmented reality and hologram-like technology. 

Considering the above facts of upcoming technology and increasing demand of the customers in mind Omnie Solutions are adopting and all set to adopt the more advanced emerging technology in the future.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Know how 1 Text message can crash your iPhone

Yes you read it right, it’s a weird news but a simple text message can crash your iPhone. It’s a bug in iPhone. A stream of text containing random English, Chinese and Arabic characters when received can switch off or reboot your phone. The worst part of this bug is it will harm your device just after receiving the text whether you open it or not.

Initially the bug is discovered by Reddit users.  The Users who experienced this say the iPhone's banner alert or notification of message pop-up on the lock screen & the device turn off itself or start rebooting so it doesn’t harm the device and its software.

It is been said the hack appears to be caused by some malfunction in iPhone, iPad operating system. But still Apple unable to recognize what’s wrong and how to fix this bug. Although it isn’t causing any serious damage to machine but it’s annoying and Apple will fix this soon. According to times of India Apple Spoke person has admitted that there is a problem and said they are working hard to fix it soon.

But some users whose device experienced this attack started complaining that they can no longer access txt messages on their iOS device. Some reported that the text can crash some iPhone application completely, causing them to reboot the device without any warning. Some people assuring the problem can be resolved if you receive the same string of txt again. While some other have reported that on sharing some pics or images through the photo app allow them to regain the message history by clearing that string of text from the conversation.

If you are eager to see the code, here you go –

Also you can find it on Twitter and Reedit, the  simple Twitter search will display result of lot many users whose iOS device come across this bug.

You can escape from this most annoying problem just turn off notifications entirely for the Messages app. Though messages will display in the notification centre and as a small icon on the app on the home screen, but won’t be able to open and turn off your computer.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Snapdeal Main Objective behind Buying Freecharge!

Img Src- ibnlive

"Invest ahead of time" is the moto of snapdeal, and proving this statement Snapdeal has acquired online mobile recharge platform FreeCharge for Rs 2,800 crore ($450 million) in cash and stock according to source. Where, FreeCharge offer an online recharge for mobiles, TV & Internet with attractive coupons and deals to its customers. It is the largest buyout so far in the Indian consumer Internet industry. Earlier Snapdeal has acquired small scale companies like RupeePower, GoJavas, etc. Freecharge is its tenth acquisition so far.

But this is one of the biggest deal of Snapdeal with FreeCharge. According to Kunal Bahl, CEO and Co-founder of Snapdeal explained the acquisition of FreeCharge Inspired from Alibaba's online marketplace Tmall, which draws 20% of its merchandise value from mobile recharges. Similarly, he want to target the huge amount of new users who will join the Internet. After this acquisition Snapdeal will be able to gain an additional 20 million Freecharge users apart from the 40 million users it have. Simultaneously, it improves ability to obtain more users frequently at a very low cost, said Bahl. There are many other benefits Snapdeal have for buying FreeCharge.

Img Src:mintomin

Let’s see here how Snapdeal will be benefited by this acquisition:
  1. Everyone knows FreeCharge stand as the biggest platform for online recharge. As People are shifting more towards mobile Ecommerce. We can estimate this by the fact shown that in India the estimate users of mobile Internet is 120 million compared to the Computer who has 100 million only. Hence, with this deal, Snapdeal claims to be the largest m-commerce industry in India.
  2.  Also, Analyst thinks mobile internet users is likely to be expected up to 480 million by 2017 and the number of mobile recharges will go up simultaneously which will surely benefit Snapdeal to acquire more mobile users.
  3. Moreover, Snapdeal will get access to a new set of customers of over 40 million, where Snapdeal has total of 30 million app downloads & FreeCharge have 10 million on play store, which in total a huge amount for any Ecommerce Company. Now, Snapdeal and FreeCharge collectively will make more than 1 million daily transactions with 40 million users on the mobile.
  4. Beside this, snapdeal will now represent strong team of ecommerce members which include people from Freecharge as well. FreeCharge has Kunal Shah, Alok Goel, Rajesh Biyani and many more who have good experience in ecommerce section will now be part of Snapdeal, Which will attract more investors and also play a big role in making this deal successful.
  5. One more very important thing to note here. As, Ratan Tata has invested in Snapdeal and Paytm (FreeCharge Competitor). But now Snapdeal and FreeCharge are joined So, Ratan Tata will invest in 2 tough competitors FreeCharge as well as Paytm, Which again a deal of profit for both the industry.
  6. In addition to this, Snapdeal also have future plans to include services such as education, financial services and utility payments beyond diversifying goods and products to expand e-commerce ecosystem into M-commerce.
Interesting Video showing how Snapdeal will expand e-commerce ecosystem with FreeCharge by livemint.

Lastly, as Snapdeal is the 3rd biggest online shopping site behind Flipkart and Amazon was aiming to sell goods worth $3 billion in 2014-15 according to Kunal Bahl, He also claimed, the deal has potential to turn over the pecking order and promised that the competition is only going to get stronger. Together, Snapdeal and Freecharge expecting to be 1 million transactions per day. This would help the company improve its position in M-commerce world.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

iBangle MP3 Player of Apple: iPod’s Future

Apple always come up with innovative gadgets and electronic devices in this cutting edge of technology. In the last 10 years Apple, has introduced a lot of advanced gadgets like cell telephones, tablets, mp3 players, mp4 players, ipads and much more. . Apple mp3 player in today’s era may not be so popular but what if you can wear it on your wrist isn’t it amazing. Yes good news is that Apple has conceptualised a new creative design concept for Apple Mp3.

Yes iBangle MP3 Player is the idea or design of Gopinath Prasana that is his vision of iPod’s future MP3 and in coming day’s people can use it as jewellery too. iBangle Mp3 device is exclusive as well as ground breaking as it has some really cool features. One such a feature is band with   inflatable cushion at the inner side; which feels cosy to your wrist or dangling like a regular bracelet.

The device looks unique and attractive as it fits in any wrist Size, but it doesn’t have any screen for the projection of motion pictures or tracks. Just press the blue button on the band to expand and collapse the cushion. No ear buds with the annoying cords found here, it has nice concept of wireless ear birds to transfer audio. Again, there’s a multi-touch track pad for easy navigation. It also has a few additional buttons for music control. It has hold switch, music control switches and a multi touch trackpad. Similarly it contain Air in/out switch. The device has menu route. To control this menu route, you can slide the fingers for menu route, tap once to choose menu & tap apple for home. The device has various other features like mix tunes and equaliser’s choice, some unique equalisers menu like rock, pop, jazz etc.Which you can choose according to you choice.

iBangle Mp3 Player has some additional functions like Lock Function, Intuitive Volume Control, and Skip/Pause/Play Control. By Intuitive volume control you can control volume, just slide the fingers over the touch delicate surface. The lock feature allows you to lock the ring from the unintentional commands by pressing the elastic cushion. Tap the Apple icon to toggle between play, skip & pause function.

It seems, the iBangle will be expensive like gems as it is the future gadget of Apple, but I think the concept is brilliant and will definitely make a victory when it gets released.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Leverage Google Webmaster Tools to Track and Improve Your Mobile App Performance in SERP

Only having a mobile app for your business is not sufficient. Its awareness among the users is the second most important task to get worth of your mobile app. There are various ways and channels you can market and promote your mobile app through. The latest one is through search engines which you can include in your other marketing activities. Google has already started indexing Apps as like websites to display them in SERP results.

So it’s very important for a webmaster to know the status of your mobile app to rectify the existing issue and to build future strategy.

Webmaster Tools for Tracking APP Performance

Google is not providing only app indexing but also offers features in Google webmaster tools to track and monitor app performance. Following task can be done through webmaster tools:


Gives your app developer access to webmaster tools:

As a webmaster you can provide access of webmaster tools to your app developers so that they can access this tool directly to find key information to fix app-related issues. With the help of this tool developers can track the following things:

• Errors in indexed pages within apps.

• Weekly clicks and impressions from app deep link via Google search.

• States on your sitemap (if that’s how you app deep).

Any verified site owner can add a new user. Pick restricted or full permissions, depending on the level of access you’d like to give:


Track how your app is performing in search results:

The key performance indicator of any app is user engagement with it. Webmaster tools enables webmaster/developers to track performance for your app deep link:

• You can find clicks and impressions within the message centre in your webmaster tool.

• You can now track how much traffic app deep links drive to your app using referrer information.


Crawling Status of key app resources:

Through the Crawl Error report section within webmaster tool you can check the status of key app resources if they are getting properly crawled or not.

If crawler is unable to access any resources then it shows ‘mismatch’ error. For example, if any resources is blocked then crawler unable to render that resource and shows crowing error. Through this section you can track all issues related to crawling.


Tracking Android app error:

Despite ‘Content mismatch’ and ‘Intent URI not supported’ error alerts, there other three types of error that can be tracked through webmaster tools. These are:

APK not found: When crawler is unable to find the package corresponding to the app.

No first-click free: the link to your app does not lead directly to the content, but requires login to access.

Back button violation: after following the link to your app, the back button did not return to search results.

We hope the above information is helpful to know about App indexing (Appiness) and implementation of webmaster tools to track and improve your mobile app performance in search engine results page.

(This post is brought to you by an enterprise application development company providing custom web and enterprise mobile application development services to global business)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Local Search & Mobile: Emerging Trends Small Business Should Know About

Local searches on mobile phone continue to grow day by day. People are using their smartphones to search local things and also look for services like doctors, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and much more. This article will let the small business owner know why their business should be locally optimized for mobile. This article includes the following:

  • Search trends on internet
  • Local search Trends
  • Search trends on local mobile search

Internet Search Trends

  • 74% of Internet users perform local searches.
  • 66% of American's use online local search, like Google local search to locate local businesses.
  • More than 100 million people a month use Google Maps from mobile phones to find business information.

Local Search Trends

  • 61% of local searches result in purchases.
  • 82% of local searches follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase.
  • As much as 43% of Google Search traffic has local content!
  • Consumer said they would buy in store versus store when they are: close to store. (30%), could get the product quickly (35%), and saw better pricing (31%).

Local Search Trends on Mobile

  • 54% of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for phone books.
  • Microsoft has claimed that 53% of mobile searches on Bing are local in nature.
  • Mobile local searches for local information are expected to grow from 27.8% in 2008 to 35.1% by 2013.
  • Nearly one in two shoppers for local products and services are using their smartphones.
  • Over 50% of local searches for businesses happen on mobile devices. With 79% of smartphones users and 81% of tablet users reporting that they use their device for local searches.
  • 50% of consumers who visit a store within a day of their local search use their smartphone. 34% of consumers who visit a store within a day of their local search use their computer and tablet.
  • Consumer behaviour before visiting store and while in store: 1 in 3 searches smartphone occur right before consumer visit a store. 15% of in store activities involve conducting smart phone searches about a product or for price comparison.
  • 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines. 88% users use their mobile device and 88% users use computer and tablet to perform this searches.
  • Consumers use their smartphone for local search to find business information like business hours (54%), direction to local store (53), local store address (50%). Consumers use their computer/tablet to find information like availability of product at local store (45%), business hours (42%), local store address (38%).
  • Over 60% of smartphone owner access local content via app.
  • 60% mobile consumers expect business to be within distance.
  • 1 out of 3 smartphone users search specifically for contact info like phone number and driving direction.
  • 63% people who do local searches typically buy within 1 hour. 66% mobile searches conducted in a store are used to help making purchasing decision.

People have now become more tech savvy and prefer to use their smartphones to find and search various things on internet. Gone are those days when people used to visit their nearest local store to buy something. Time has taken a big leap forward. Now people use internet to compare price and read reviews on their smartphone, tablet, laptop and mobile before going to buy anything. The above data shows that local searches have now gone mobile and use of smartphone is continuously growing for local search as it helps users to make better decision in buying things online or from local store. Now it has become essential for small business owners to optimise their business locally for mobile competitive advantage.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Native or Cross Platform Mobile App: How to Decide Which One is Right for Your Business

If you are in a business and still not developed mobile application for your business then it is time to go for that. As mobile tech has changed the way of communication, consumers are shifting from desktop to mobile. Mobile internet users are continuously growing. A research shows that 91% of USA adult population owns a cell phone and 61% of them smartphone users. It has been predicted that by the end of this year 1 billion smartphones will be sold which is double than the PC estimated to sell.

The above data shows that mobile tech is emerging as a new platform to boost your business. May be now you have turned up your mind and agreed to build mobile application but not sure which type of mobile app will be right for your business as mobile market is flooded with varied platforms.

Let us discuss here which type of mobile app you should go for, native app or cross platform.

Native App

Native mobile app is developed to be used on a particular platform like iOS or Android. It can run on a single platform. The key benefits of native mobile app are better user experience and reliability. To decide if native mobile app will be right for you just check the traffic status of your website. If your mobile traffic is limited to a specific mobile platform then you need to develop native app specifically for that platform.

Cross platform mobile app

Cross platform is basically developed to be used on all major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry etc. Cross platform offers many benefits like greater reach, uniform look and feel, low development cost, easy marketing and more.

To decide if you need to go for cross platform app or not check your audience demographic on mobile devices. If business audiences come through all major mobile platforms then you need to develop cross mobile app. This write-up is limited to how to decide what type of mobile app you should go for. This does not describe about mobile website. This is helpful for you in case you are going to build mobile app. But before going to build mobile app you should check if your business needs mobile app or mobile website.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

7 Amazing New Features in iOS 8 You Need to Know

The release of Apple’s new operating system has unleashed a bevy of new features and updates in an ongoing effort to improving user experience. Subtle changes can have a major impact on functionality, and Apple’s improvements have aimed to do just that. Available as a free upgrade to iPhone’s 4s and newer, here’s some of what you can expect!


Apple’s photos now have a comprehensive searching method that allows you to search by time, location, date or album. You can even use a smart search function by entering keywords that pertain to the photo you are looking for.

Advanced editing features allow greater photo manipulation, as you can choose to manually adjust settings like brightness or shadowing.


It’s been long overdue really. iPhone has not messed with the functionality of its keyboard since pretty much its conception. They have finally stepped it up a notch with the introduction of typing predictions that are so advanced it can even differentiate between the contacts you are messaging and adjust its predictions accordingly.


Now, a simple swipe or tap to your phone can easily send image, audio and video files. It is also possible to mute and exit group conversations, as well as quickly send locator maps to an acquaintance you are meeting. No more dreaded repetition by having to reenter an address into a search engine!

-Health Application

One of the proud revelations at this year’s Apple reveal, Home Kit will be available on iPhone’s 5s or newer! Installed motion processors get to use the new Apple Health App, which logs physical activity.

-Apple Pay

Another innovative reveal this year was Apple’s mobile payment system, called Apple Pay. An upgrade to iOS 8 system means you can start using this convenient wireless payment method on the iPhone 6 or 6 plus.


In a generous move by Apple, the new Family Sharing Feature allows a user to share pretty much any of their iTunes purchases, like books or movies with users they have approved.

-iCloud Drive

Similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, the iCloud Drive allows you to browse, edit and share files across different Apple Devices. Mac users beware however! You’ll have to wait until the OS X Yosemite operating system update is released later this year.

With such a diverse range of upgrades it’s kind of hard to choose our favorite (Although a speedier typing experience thanks to predictions is a definite contender). What are you most looking forward to, and why?

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